Help Videos

We’re currently in the process of creating numerous help videos which will help guide you through the wonderful world of OOiZiT.com. In the meantime, we’ve created this new video which helps give you all of the basic information about OOiZiT.com and OOiZiT.com Premium…

OOiZiT Premium explained

The site has two main goals. Firstly ooizit.com was created for Music Artists, Bands, DJ’s and Producers to create their own profiles to help promote their new or unheard yet music and maximize exposure, all while linking them to the people that are really interested in music.

Secondly, ooizit.com was created to provide fans a one-stop-shop for new music from all around the World and be the number one resource for finding out what’s new musically in your local area or perhaps in adifferent country.

So basically, we love music and want to promote it!