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ANTHEMS are an up and coming female fronted heavy rock band based in
Brighton and formed in early 2007 by singer/guitarist Jojogingerhead
and lead guitarist MJ Rocks. The duo have worked non stop creating songs
that echoe real life experiences, entertwining guitar riff's and unique vocal
melodies - resulting in an unusual mix of quality song writing and epic heavy
rock riffs.

They have had the experience of playing with violin player as a 3 piece
rock/acoustic/folk act during the year of 2007 in the main music venues
around Brighton such as Barfly, Engine Rooms, Joogleberry, and the
Sanctuary and were joined in early 2008 by drummer Benjamin Joseph
Hammond by a strange twist of fate.

Together their love of classic rock anthems combined with influences from
many different genres and their endless frustration of the generic blandness
they heard from the music industry today resulted in the tracks you hear




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