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Accolade are a 5 piece melodic indie/rock band with members hailing from the cities of Leeds/Bradford and Halifax in the UK. With influences ranging from the modern rockier sounds of Incubus, Audioslave and Span to the timeless classics of the Beatles and Pink Floyd. Accolades main focus is their songwriting and catchy chorus's whilst incorporating an intricate level of musicianship into their songs.

Recently the band has added talented front man and song-smith Nick Evans to their line up. This addition has given the band a new lease of life and has taken the sound and energy to a new level. With an ever increasing fanbase both locally and on internet,the band have achieved over 60,000 plays on myspace and our now beginging to secure support slots for signed bands at some of britians most reputable venues.

Vocals: Nick Evans
Guitar: Chris Crookes
Keys: Paul Ainley
Bass: Jonny Whelan
Drums: David Zdanowicz

"4/5 Rock certainly isn’t dead and Bradford’s Accolade not only provide fantastic doses of pop infused heavy rock, but they do it well and with a sound that definitely puts lots of other signed bands to shame"

"A massively competent record with a broad brush of appeal. "

The tracks liberate an inspiring ambiance as "confidence is the trick" to this cluster of musicians while Nick Evans, Accolade's front man, releases full-fledged vocals with silver-tongued tones containing a polished yet captivating sound. The band definitely has aptitude

Their resonance is uplifting with songs such as "Lifeline," convening into impressive yet slender breakdowns of silky bass lines and dawdling drum beats as the keyboards beautifully knit itself in the midst of the entire uproar.

The guitar's undertones truly prevail in "Keep Your Distance," setting free a profound series of forcefully picked strings and inviting harmonies that will turn you into a bobble head and keep your feet tapping beside each beat.

"This isn't just rock music, this is thoughtful, professional musicianship. The vocal is dripping with emotion and supported by fabulous musical ability."

"Confidence Trick - The singer's passionate vocal stands up beautifully over a dramatic instrumentation. Every element is just right from timing to mix and the professional musicianship shines through. There is something special about the drumming on this track"

"there is an awful lot of time, skill and talent in these recordings. The recordings themselves are about the best quality demos I have come across and there is no doubting you are a real quality act in both songwriting and performing"

"This band have found the elusive key in writing and performing music that will appeal to a very very wide audience.The lead vocalist has a voice like crystal,a guy who sings with real passion"

There's some cracking build ups throughout their songs especially during 'Keep Your Distance' where a striking guitar riff pulls this song right out of the crowd"

The new singer definitely oozes confidence. Accolade have definitely found that strong bond in their new line up and with continued releases like 'Keep Your Distance' they can't really go wrong"

"The band have clearly worked hard to produce a polished sound that sets them apart from a lot of bands on the scene at the moment. The vocalist has a rich voice that is equally at home with an out and out rock song as it is with a soulful ballad. There is a technical competence and professional togetherness between the band members that leads you to believe they have been performing as a group for a lot longer than they have"

"The music they played carried a very professional edge, I felt that this was a band that have long established their own sound and know exactly where they're coming from. I feel that on their day this is a band who could knock the socks off other acts with much more recognition than themselves"



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