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digitalTRAFFIC create heavy electronic music soundscapes with a futuristic sci-fi dark ambient sound. The instrumentation is entirely electronic and the albums feature a mix of dark ambient aggressive tracks to lighter more classical influenced soundscapes.

digitalTRAFFIC albums range in styles, but feel very cohesive overall. The albums don't fall easily into any preconceived category, but should appeal to fans of ambient / space music and experimental industrial soundscapes.

digitalTRAFFICs sound takes the listener on a journey through heavy electronic inspired soundtracks to dark ambient soundscapes. There is a distinct live feel to the albums - clouds of sounds over heavy rhythms - unusual in construction and production but with a natural / unnatural flow. Classic digitalTRAFFIC sound throughout creating a sound palate of discordant layers and rhythms with a sci-fi edge.

Thanks for taking the time to explore the digitalTRAFFIC sound - enjoy the tracks.
all the very best

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    2010 sees the release of digitalTRAFFICs album - future, an album of heavy electronica, soaring synth and noise wave distortion patterns. future refers to the destiny of the human race - to explore and conquer space. future features digitalTRAFFICs unique style in which heavy rock beats blend [...]

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