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Final Evolution are a 3 piece rock band from the south west of the U.K. We have been together for about 6 years and over the years have seen some line up changes but us three remain. Currently taking time out from gigging to write new material and recruit a new bass player. Hope you enjoy the music!

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How would you describe your sound and what are some of your influences?
I would say we are fairly mellow and laid back at times, but can also rock out when we feel like it.
Have you ever been crowd surfing?
No but i really want to. We need to be better known, i dont want to face plant the floor.
What can people expect when coming to your gig?
To hear some good music and to be able to chill out and relax or get up and dance, depending on how you feel
Any weird things happened to you at a gig?
Lots and lots. Its never normal at one of our gigs.
What is your favourite album this year?
At the moment Paramore\'s Brand New Eyes
Who would you like to support?
Matchbox 20 or Ryan Adams would be really cool, but any decent band would be nice, we always seem to play with crap ones!
Lager or Cider?
Larger definately
If you were to pick one festival to play what would it be and why?
Glastonbury, because it is near where we are from, and its always been the original and best festival
Complete the sentence - In a perfect world I would?
not have to work
To which record label would you most liked to be signed to?
Any that would treat us fairly
So, you think you are going to be a big hit. What makes you so different?
Nothing, there are lots of good bands out there. I think we write good songs though, and thats what matters the most in my opinion. Everyone will forget all the gimmicks that come and go, but a good song will last forever.
Name Bands or Artists that inspired you
Water, water, water and more water. And anything we think we could get away with - but we aren\'t madonna so nothing too fancy
Have you ever thrown a TV out a window? If not, would you like to?!
No but I have thrown a few computers in my time.
How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
Hell yeah, we started playing heavy rock covers!
What is the big game plan?
Just get our music to as many people as possible. If we can change just one person\'s life for the better then it would all be worthwhile.
How did you get together? (If you are a group etc)
Long story - nothing exciting - friends at school, who knew people, who knew people, etc etc
What do you do in the real world?
Work unfortunately
How did you come up with your name?
After many many conversations - we really struggled with it
Give me 5 reasons why people should come and see you live?
Because we need the support Because you will hopefully find something you like Because you will have a good time Because you will meet nice people and finally Because it would make it all worth while


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