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Its been a mad year for 9Lies!

It seen us tour Germany for the 1st time, and work with legendary producer Stuart Epps, (Hearing his

stories about everyone from Robbie Williams to Oasis). But more than that we have made the massive

leap from Indie with the announcement of our first big budget UK single release since signing with

Maddie Records in June. The new single called 'Someone' is due out on September 27th! WooHOO!

Nostalgia Time!!

Since the release in 2006 of the 'Behind It All' album, its been a rollercoaster ride, with Blind being

snapped up by Warner TV, and the title track finding home as the theme tune to 'Our Prisoner' in the


In 07 the Song Slippin Away was downloaded more than 143,000 times and chosen by ASCAP for
excellence in song writing at Music Expo in L.A. And last year was our biggest to date, seeing us travel

to Poland to play the Vena Music Festival in Lódz to thousands of screaming fans alongside the

Sugababes and Fun Lov'in Criminals,

Being invited to play FMI in Brazil, licensing 'We R1' to Techno Sweat, and the release of the first video

game ever to use our music Trucker 2 is imminent! And to top it all off we have just returned from a

fantastic European tour from St Augustine to Aachen. Oh Yeah!! Thanks for your continued support.

We'll work day and daily to keep you proud, and make 2010 our biggest ever!!

To be kept upto date with all the exciting happenings taking place in 2010, please join the team on the

Nine Lies Mailing list and receive free members offers! Everyones welcome.

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Artist Profile

What's on your rider? (What do you demand for doing a gig)
Still Marshall 4x12\'s Curry and beer.
How would you describe your sound and what are some of your influences?
Starts out a moody mother, with a kick drum to match your racing heart, then it all happens, kicking up a rocking gear and taking you on a road trip lyrically from A to B as the songs runs, with twists and turns along the way. This song has already had a mass public vote on slicethepie, with a stack of 10 out of 10 votes and great reviews. See what you make of it!
Have you ever been crowd surfing?
No, couldnt get a board big enough, har de har har!
What can people expect when coming to your gig?
Any weird things happened to you at a gig?
too numerous to mention
What’s your favourite album this year?
album has bum in it. never noticed that before!
Who would you like to support?
Foo Fighters, U2, Green Day.
Lager or Cider?
Larger is it not actually spelt Lager ??? I think you\'ll find it is PMSL
If you were to pick one festival to play what would it be and why?
Glastonbury, Man its rocks!
Complete the sentence - In a perfect world I would?
be loaded
To which record label would you most liked to be signed to?
Maddie Records
So, you think you’re going to big hey – What makes you so different?
I have big testicles!
What’s on your rider?
Marshall 4x12\'s Curry and beer.
Have you ever thrown a TV out a window? If not, would you like to?!
No, What a waste of a perfectly good tv! You would have nothing to watch if you did that except a dusty old corner.
How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
totally, apples and orangotanges.
What’s the big game plan?
That would be telling. I could tell you but then i\'d have to shoot you ;-)
How did you get together? (if you’re a group etc)
What do you do in the real world?
How did you come up with your name?
how did you come up with yours ??
Give me 5 reasons why people should come and see you live?
Rock Roll I Love you I Love you I Love you, ammm free beer ???


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