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How would you describe your sound and what are some of your influences?
RanJa is a mixture of Shaggy, Sean Paul, Shabba, Supercat, and some Damian Marley with a little Rock influence thrown in.
If you were to pick one festival to play what would it be and why?
Reggae Carifest
Lager or Cider?
Lager--Red Stripe Beer
Who would you like to support?
Haiti Earthquake Victims
Any weird things happened to you at a gig?
Yes!! LoL!!!
What can people expect when coming to your gig?
Lots of excitement and energy
Have you ever been crowd surfing?
Give me 5 reasons why people should come and see you live?
People should come to: have a good time, fun, feel happy, dance, get food for the soul!



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