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Storm, a native of Washington, DC composes, arranges, writes and performs Hip-Hop/R&B/Pop music. Storm has been in contest; has performed in clubs throughout Washington DC metropolitan area. Strom also performed with Parris Bennett of American Idol. Alex McCamey of Radio One says “Storm writes with meaning”. Storm will be releasing his new CD (Never Give Up) in 2009.

Storm goal is to tour the world; create a scholarship fund for higher learning. Build strong relationships with music industry leaders, entertainment attorneys, DJ’s, magazines, radio personalities and corporate companies; touch the heart of billions with his music; with songs such as (Promise) giving love not hurting, (Miss You Mama) love of a mother, and (To My Love Ones) solute to those who touched and are greatly missed, (You & Me) lovers staying strong in the mist of haters.

You can listen and purchase some of Storm earlier works at, or,

Artist Profile

How would you describe your sound and what are some of your influences?
Good clean fun loving Hip-Hop.
If you were to pick one festival to play what would it be and why?
Stone Soul Picnic.
Who would you like to support?
Anyone that I can.
What’s your favourite album this year?
Any weird things happened to you at a gig?
What can people expect when coming to your gig?
Slamming good time from start to finish.
Have you ever been crowd surfing?
Give me 5 reasons why people should come and see you live?
They will have a good time. Never stop dancing. They will feel song. They will enjoy the free gifts. They will love the show.
Complete the sentence - In a perfect world I would?
Live everyday on stage.
To which record label would you most liked to be signed to?
How did you come up with your name?
Slow to anger; push the wrong button I become the Storm.
What do you do in the real world?
What’s the big game plan?
Tour the world and get constant radio spins. Obtain as many fans as I can.
How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
Have you ever thrown a TV out a window? If not, would you like to?!
So, you think you’re going to big hey – What makes you so different?
I\'m original and always strive to please the fans.



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