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Two Way Analog is an Indie band formed in 2004 by Daniel Jones.

Two Way Analog released in 2009 its second record "Misterio Aventura & Romance" (Mystery Adventure & Romance), title inspired by the Sci-Fi magazines of 1950's. This is a more electric-guitar focused album than the first release, featuring drums and female backing vocals. Recoded in 3 different studios and mixed and produced by Daniel Jones. The art work in both albums was created by artist Cristina Ochoa, who also does live projections and stage scenery for TWA.

In 2006 “Music & Songs for the Road” was released; it was Two Way Analogs début album. It is an electric-acoustic solo album with basic percussion. Recorded and mixed by Daniel J. at home in an experimental lo-fi way. Two channel Reel to Reel recorders and an 8 track a-dat were used, setting them up in different parts of the house until the right acoustics were found for each instrument. This work was influenced by road-movies and its soundtracks.
Two Way Analog has had the collaboration of different musicians in both releases and live performances>

Artist Profile

How would you describe your sound and what are some of your influences?
Music and songs for the road...
If you were to pick one festival to play what would it be and why?
The smallest one.
Who would you like to support?
Wilco, Radiohead, Tindersticks...
What’s your favourite album this year?
In Rainbows
Any weird things happened to you at a gig?
UFO landing
What can people expect when coming to your gig?
Nothing new!
Give me 5 reasons why people should come and see you live?
To get away To connect Experience new feelings To feel good To Feel guilty
Complete the sentence - In a perfect world I would?
still like to be doing music!
To which record label would you most liked to be signed to?
How did you come up with your name?
One thing led to the other.
What do you do in the real world?
What’s the big game plan?
To understand music as a lifetime career.
How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
Have you ever thrown a TV out a window? If not, would you like to?!
What’s on your rider?
tube amps and nice water...
So, you think you’re going to big hey – What makes you so different?
The difference is that we\'re not different.
What's on your rider? (What do you demand for doing a gig)
Bottles of water, good equipment, sound check of at least 2 hours...


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