How Can I Get More Gigs

How Can I Get More Gigs

OK so you’ve been locked in the rehearsal studio perfecting your tracks and you’re ready to perform to an actual audience – But how do you get a gig?

Your first port of call is to find out where the best venues for unsigned artists are in your local town. Once you’ve got a list of about 5 you need to start networking. It’s true what they say “it’s not what you know but who you know”. Start going to gigs in the venues that you’d like to play as it’s important to build a relationship with the other bands, organisers and bar staff – Keep in contact with them too, don’t just think that by going to one event they will remember you. You need to make an impression and maintain it.

Helping other bands out is another great way to get your foot in the door. You could start by helping them setup, promotion even selling tickets to their shows, this way you’re getting closer to the stage door! The one rule with this is; however, you must do it for free – make them feel like they owe you a favour so that when you ask about maybe warming up for them you’re more likely to get a yes.

Don’t make enemies! After a few weeks/months you should have made quite a few contacts, but make sure these don’t turn into enemies, it’s ever so easy to get into a “battle of the bands” scenario but don’t get suckered in. The more bands you’re friends with the better, as they all have their contacts too.